Kemer is at the coast of Mediterranean Sea, and it is at 40 km. distance to Antalya. It has became one of the most significant centers of Turkish tourism by the facilities opened in the recent 20 years.

Kemer county, that is located at the foot of West Toros Mountains and that extends along a coastline of 52 km., is one of the most significant tourism center of Turkey. Kemer dates back to B.C. 690. The establishment of Phaselis ancient city dates back to the same period.

One of the leading attractions of Kemer is its natural beauty. Sea, forest and mountains are coming together. The clarity of sea, greenness of forest, extending of waves to the pine trees and use of pine trees as shade on the beaches are being very attractive.  All the coast from Beldibi locality to Tekirova is completely natural beach. There are many bays and small natural harbors on its indented coast.

It is possible to reach to Olympos and Phaselis ancient cities which are close to Kemer.

Kemer area is hosting many events during the tourism season. It contributes to the social and touristic life of the area along the season with various events such as Phaselis Art Events, Kemer Off-Shore Races, World Rally Championship’s Turkey Stage (WRC Rally of Turkey), Carnival of Kemer, and famous night clubs.

The places to see around Kemer are as follows: Olympos Ancient City, Chimera, Adrasan, Three Island Goynuk Canyon, Twin Rocks, Ecopark, Ulupınar and Seljuk Hunting Lodge.